Friday, February 11, 2011

using the force

So years ago I started reading when I walked because it made me feel as though I was a tea break on legs, and because if you were to cut me in half (euw) you would most likely find random quotes from fantasy novels and other such geeky fare.

I read ALL THE TIME. I read so much that it's ANNOYING TO OTHERS.

I never used to see anyone else reading when they walked, but lately, I see people EVERYWHERE doing it. So before it's too late, I'm officially taking the credit. That's right. I made that concept live. Me. And don't tell me you've been doing it years before I did because I'll just change my number to whatever you say plus one and then I win. 

Yay for winning!

Reading when you're strolling along is the new Walkman  (the fact that I said Walkman proves I've been ReadWalking longer than you...or that I'm older than dirt)

I see many benefits to reading when I walk, including the following:



It's also a good way to work on your upper peripheral vision which can help when not walking but still reading (ie at a classy French Patisserie) so you can subtly check out any nice looking bottoms that pass you by. 

Now that you are armed with that knowledge, go forth and practice this new skill. And when the nice bottoms flock by, don't say I never gave you anything.

*flap flap*


  1. although it's worth mentioning that if your one for walking while ipod-ing, adding the reading into that could cause you to be hit by a bus..... just saying is all.

  2. where can I add my name to the 'annoying to others' list?