Monday, February 7, 2011

complicated eyebrow waggle

Am I the only one thinking that relationship status's on social networking can be a bit of an overshare? I know we all like to keep up with each other's news, and it's nice to publicly declare someone as your..something or other...but what about that inbetweeny one? 'In a complicated relationship with...'

I feel like this is something that's just between the two of you. Or, the three of you, or...however many of you.

Although going from a couple to a few to who knows how many is covered by 'Open relationship'. Nice one.

If we are going to be the kind of specific that is usually covered during a drunken night out, or over a cup of tea and a viewing of Bridget Jones's Diary, I have a few status suggestions which might make our friend watching time more interesting:

'Not really feeling it with...'

'The magic has gone with...'

'Really thinking of seeing other people with..'

'Is completely a stalker of..'

'Used to have a crush on but now thinks it's kind of embarrassing with..'

C'mon people, let's really DEFINE this.

*jazz hands*

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