Hello You, 

 I'm a few different things rolled into one, but then, who isn't. I have a husband, a dog, and a little house in a leafy suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Although I was born in Australia, I've lived in a few different places... a windy ancient town on the coast of Wales, a minuscule flat in the angriest part of Chelsea in London (complete with fruit market at 5am every weekend and dodgy alley), across the road from a beautiful beach and the 10th story of an inner city high rise that the police were afraid to enter. Quite a bit of my childhood was spent in a camper van travelling like a gypsy and I didn't attend regular school until the age of about 9. 

Correspondence schooling consisted of getting free (though slightly melted) jellybeans in the mail from my teachers, and my mother avoiding homework with even greater gusto than her children. And some basic algebra.

Apart from all that...I wear on a daily basis the hats of , small business owner, illustrator, photographer, art director, office worker, cook, painter and decorator. 

I also sew. Badly. So if you ever want a good laugh, just ask me how to re thread a bobbin. 

Anyway, nice to meet you. Hang about and I'll pop the kettle on, shall I?


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